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Microbe Lift- Super Start 500ml

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For all biological applications, Microbe-Lift Super Start Bead Filter Bacteria has been particularly developed (bead filters).
Bead filters, like the majority of mechanical/biological filter types, depend on the usage of a media with a high surface area/volume ratio.
In order to effectively remove organic and inorganic waste from the water, this enables the support of the required biomas, in the form of a biofilm.

It is feasible to conduct aerobic, facultative anaerobic, anaerobic, and chemosynthetic reactions within this biofilm.
This actually means in English that we develop and grow different types of bacteria on our filter media to complete the nitrification process. We also develop biomas to completely cover the bead media and make it sticky, and it is this sticky biomas that traps the small particles as part of the regular filtration process to produce clear, clean water.

All of these bacteria, each of which is capable of performing every task required for the best bead filter performance, are included in Microbe-Lift Super Start.

When utilised in accordance with the advised dosage guidelines
The advantages of Microbe-Lift Super Start are as follows:

quick development of organic removal skills

rapid nitrification and denitrification, as well as the creation of the nitrogen cycle

improves the performance of the filter by decreasing the accumulation of residue there, lowering maintenance requirements.

Promotes the quick recovery of your filter following the use of antibiotics and drugs by promoting the breakdown of residual medications such as tea tree oils and formalin products, which are inhibitory to the majority of bacteria after use.

across a wide pH range; efficient

lowers the amounts of ammonia nitrogen

Significantly lessens the intense disagreeable odours created by hydrogen sulphide, which is reduced by algae, fish waste, and urine

Instructions for Use for Microbe-Lift Super Start:

Use Microbe-Lift Super Start for 4 weeks when starting a filter for the first time.
Apply for a further two weeks after cleaning the filter.
Use Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear in conjunction with it for routine system maintenance.

Please be aware that this product can be used whenever you believe it is essential, such as when introducing new fish to your pond or after applying medications or treatments. It is not just for new filters either.

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