MyPond MS300 Sealant

by MyPond
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The most revolutionary pond sealant is here, whether it be for sealing windows, bottom drains, skimmers or repairing liners with a patch, this sealant is unlike no other. Not only is it versatile and can be manipulated easily, but it cures underwater, and like other sealants on the market, there is no need to prime surfaces before application.

MyPond sealant is the newest addition to the pond supply market and we’re extremely excited to bring this product and show what its capable of! It’s a high performance, durable, yet environmentally friendly modified adhesive sealant, that has no door, no formaldehyde and experiences no shrinkage after curing. The weather resistance of this product is what sets it aside from the rest, as it has very high levels of resistance which prevents movement in the future, whilst being able to stick to almost anything.

1 large bead of this sealant beats competitors hands down, as there is no need to apply multiple layers or rings to get that perfect seal, one go and you’re away! Allow for atleast a 2mm thick bead, and sealing bottom drains, pond windows, tank connectors or skimmers has never been as easy.

Avoid prolonged contact with skin, if i cured adhesive comes into contact with eyes, please wash thoroughly with clean water and consult your local doctor. Keep out of the reach of children and away from fires.


  • Fish Safe
  • Cures Underwater
  • Perfect for Pond Window Installation
  • 4 x Stronger than Silicone
  • Bottom Drain Sealing
  • Bond Liners or Patches Easily
  • Odourless
  • No Shrinkage
  • Weather Resistant

Bonds perfectly with concrete, stone, wood, glass, metal, rubber, plastic and fibreglass

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